mirrored gaps - use symmetry to create gaps in the obstacles


By pressing SPACE, a symmetry axis is created.

Gaps that are on one side of the axis get recreated on the other side.


A game by Nitai Heeb and Nils Wallenfang.

This game was created for Godot Wild Jam 47 with the theme SYMMETRY.

The source code is available on Github!

Third-Party Credits

Sound effects from freesound.org made by bubaproducer, Kastenfrosch, radiolarp, neezen.

Music themes from soundimage.org.

With use of Universal Fade plugin by KoBeWi, KenneyNL prototyping textures, and a 3D-Simplex implementation by Ian McEwan.


symmetry-gap_win.zip 20 MB
symmetry-gap_linux.zip 21 MB

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