Team up with a friend to play as a quirky robot duo looking for treasures in the depths of the ocean. Use your treasure to upgrade your drilling and defense equipment!


left mouse button
Shoot or drill
FInvincibility skill (once unlocked)
Teleport skill (once unlocked)
ESCOpen settings

If you're stuck, press H to go home.


We recommend to use the button to enter the matchmaking at roughly the same time to play with a friend. There is a system for private lobbies, but you have to copy the lobby ID by hand, so it's cumbersome.

If you're having issues connecting or facing performance issues, we recommend the downloadable versions below.

NOTE: Especially on Chrome, the performance is poor for some. Please try with Firefox or download the game.


Nitai Heeb (OrangeJam) - Design, Programming, Modeling

Nils Wallenfang (nilolo) - Design, Programming

Niels Asselborn (ni3lz) - Modeling, 2D art

Paul Shelley  - Sound Effects

Lightspeed6 - Music

Special thanks to dsnopek for his great articles and plugins that made multiplayer in Godot accessible to us.

Thanks to the creators of our third-party assets!

This project was created for the Multiplayer GameJam 2022.

The source code is available publicly on Github.


Download 57 MB
Download 66 MB

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